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Weld County Court Records

Weld County Court records consist of documents and briefs generated and accumulated during a court judicial proceeding. Such records provide a detailed account of all that transpired in court, including the actions, charges, decisions, transcripts, evidence, dockets, appeals, orders, and judgments. Court records are vital in legal matters for various reasons, some of which include:

  • Court records provide an accurate account of everything that happened during a legal process.
  • Court records are essential as evidence for future lawsuits
  • Court records help to ensure the fair and impartial conduct of all court cases

A typical Colorado Court record contains all information about a case, such as the names of parties involved, case number, case type, case status, attorney’s name, filing date, court jurisdiction, and hearing date.

Are Court Records Public in Weld County?

Yes, court records are public records in Weld County. The Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requires all public agencies to make available for inspection, copying, or photography of public records in its custody. Weld County public records include court, property, arrest, probate, and vital records. However, the Act exempts certain records, including some court records, from public view. The CORA restricts the following from public access:

  • Records containing ongoing criminal investigations
  • Records containing sensitive personal information where disclosure can result in an invasion of personal privacy
  • Court records containing trade secrets
  • Court records sealed by a federal statute
  • Court records containing trade secrets and other proprietary information

Consequently, adoption records, juvenile records, mental health records, medical records, child custody, domestic violence records, guardianship records, victim and witness information, child visitation, and certain probate records are excluded from public access. In addition, the CORA requires that certain personal identifying information such as bank account information, tax returns, social security numbers, and insurance information be redacted from public court records.

Weld County Court Records Search

Members of the public seeking Weld County court records have several options. The Clerks of the various courts serve as the record custodians and permit anyone to inspect, view, or copy after making an official request in writing. They also allow record seekers to obtain the records in person at the various courthouses. The Colorado Judicial Branch also provides an online Records Request search tool for Weld court records.

Weld County Court Records Search by Name

Interested persons can perform a name-based search for Weld County court records using the online Records Request search tool. To commence a name-based search, record seekers must have the first and last name listed on the record. Record seekers may also conduct a Court record search by name at the Clerk’s Office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Clerk of the Court requires record seekers to present valid government-issued photo identification cards to access the record.

For records dating from 1990 to the present, each name search attracts a fee of $5. A name-based search for court records prior to 1990 attracts a $20 fee per name searched. There are additional fees for copying the records. The fees range between $0.75 and $30, depending on the type of copy requested.

Weld County Courts

The Weld County trial court system comprises a District and County Court. In addition, there are 24 Municipal Courts across the county.

Weld County District Court Records

District Courts are courts of trials and have general jurisdiction over a wide range of criminal and civil cases. The District Court in Weld County handles a wide range of cases including criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, family law, and traffic cases. Criminal cases heard by the Weld District Court include felonies and lesser offenses, while civil cases heard include general civil claims without financial limits. The District Court has jurisdiction over divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions, paternity, mental health, and division of marital property cases. Weld District Courts share jurisdiction over domestic violence protection cases with the County and Municipal Courts.

Record seekers can access Weld County District Court records online using the Colorado Judicial Branch online Record Request. Requesters must register on the platform to view and obtain copies of records. The web tool permits registered users to query its database using the full name, business name, or case number. In addition, searchers may visit or mail a request to the District Clerk of Court Office to obtain Weld County District Court records.

Weld County Criminal Records

Criminal records list an individual's involvement with law enforcement agencies. Sometimes referred to as a rap sheet or criminal history, criminal records contain arrest information, outstanding arrest warrants, charges filed, dispositions, court appearances, convictions, sentencing, and probation or parole information.

Weld County criminal records are publicly available. The Weld County Sheriff’s Office is the record custodian for all arrests made in Weld County and provides an online Daily Arrest Report to lookup Weld County arrest records. The database has arrest records from February 14, 2006, till the present. Record seekers may search the record using the first name, last name, or arrest date. Fees are not required to search for Weld criminal records online using this web tool.

Weld County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Interested persons can look up Weld County criminal court case records online using the Online Record Request portal provided by the Colorado Judicial Branch. The platform provides real-time criminal court records from all counties in Colorado, including Weld County. Record seekers must register before accessing criminal records. The web tool permits full name, business name, and case number searches.

All searches on the platform attract a $10 fee. Weld County criminal court case records are also available at the District Clerk of Court office. Record seekers may visit the office to look up criminal court case records filed in the county.

Get Weld County Civil Court Records

Civil court records are the documents generated during a civil court case proceeding. Weld County civil court handles disputes between entities, organizations, or individuals of a private matter. Civil court records include the pleadings, motions, orders, and judgments filed during the course of a civil dispute. Civil court cases typically heard in Weld County include civil equity, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate title and boundary, and small claims without financial limits.

Weld County civil court records are available online using the Court Records Search tool. The platform requires record seekers to create an account before viewing Weld County civil court records. To commence a search record, seekers may pay a search fee of $10. Searchers may then proceed to query the database with the business name, full name, or case number.

Weld County Family Court Records

Family court handles lawsuits involving family matters and domestic issues. Weld County Family Court records consist of all papers and information generated in courts detailing the decisions made in resolving family-related disputes. Court cases handled in Weld Family Courts include divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support, adoption, guardianship, paternity disputes, and domestic violence protection orders. Documenting the Family Court process helps to safeguard the rights of all parties involved in a family dispute.

Although Family Court records are public records, not all family court records are open to the public. Per state law, some family records, such as child support, adoption, and paternity disputes, are exempted from public view. The Clerk of the Family Court is the record custodian for Weld County court records.

The Colorado Judicial Branch provides an online search portal for accessing family court records in the state, including Weld County Family Court records. Record seekers must register and pay the search fee of $10 to view the records.

Weld Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage formally brings an end to a marriage of civil union. Marriage dissolution of marriage ends all marital obligations and rights between a couple. In Colorado, dissolution of marriage is similar of divorce proceedings. The Weld County Clerk of the District Court is the record custodian for all dissolution of marriage records. Record seekers may visit the office to view and purchase the record. While viewing the records is free, printing the records attracts a fee. The Office also entertains mail requests for Weld County dissolution of marriage records. Record seekers must include valid identification cards and the payments with their requests.

Weld County Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage records are government-issued documents that provide details of a legal union between two individuals. Weld County marriage records are made up of the marriage certificate and the marriage license. Divorce records are documents that detail the legal dissolution of a marriage. Weld County marriage and divorce records form part of Weld County Vital Records.

Per state law, vital records are not open to the public. Only eligible persons such as the persons named on the record, their legal representatives, legal guardians, siblings, and parents named on the records may purchase certified copies of marriage or divorce records.

Persons interested in obtaining Weld County marriage certificates search and purchase the records online using the Weld County Self Service Website, provided by the Weld County Clerk and Recorder's Office. Record seekers can search for marriage records using the document number, date range, or name on the record.

The Clerk of the District Court is the record custodian for divorce records. Eligible persons may visit the courthouse to purchase the divorce records. The office also accepts mail requests for the records. The request must include the case number, and case name on the divorce record to purchase the document. All persons requesting divorce records must include a photocopy of a government-issued photo identification card, the appropriate fees, and a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Mail requesters may pay for the records with certified checks or money orders. Mail the request to:

Weld County Combined Courts
Record Research
P.O. Box 2038
Greeley, CO 80632

Weld County Birth and Death Records

Birth records issued by the government contain vital information about an individual's birth. Conversely, death records are official documents providing information about an individual’s death. Per state law, birth and death records are vital records and are not publicly available to all requesters. The law grants access only to persons eligible to purchase the record. Therefore, only persons listed on the birth record, their parents listed on the records, legal guardians, and legal representatives may order Weld County birth records. Likewise, only persons with direct and tangible interest such as the surviving spouse, parents, siblings, adult children, and attorney, are eligible to obtain death records from the county.

The Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment is the county's birth and death certificate records custodian. The department accepts walk-in, mail, or fax requests for death and birth certificates. Persons seeking Weld County birth certificates may fill out the Application for Certified Copy of Birth Certificate. To order death records, eligible requesters must fill out the Application for Certified Copy of Death Certificate. All requests must be accompanied by a copy of a valid government-issued identification card, the appropriate fees, and proof of relationship to the individual named on the record.

Certified copies of birth and death records cost $20 for the first copy and $13 for additional copies of the same record. Persons ordering the records in person may pay the fees in cash, while fax orders may provide their credit or debit card information to order the record. Persons purchasing the records by mail can pay for the records with money orders or checks only. Walk-in requesters may visit the Greeley or Longmont offices. However, mail requesters can only process their requests from the Greeley office. The locations of both offices are:

Greeley Office

Department of Health and Environment
1555 North 17th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 400-6430
Fax: (970) 304-6412

Longmont Office

Department of Health and Environment
4209 County Road 24 1/2
Longmont, CO 80504
1-25 and Exit 240
Phone: (970) 400-6430
Fax: (970) 304-6412

Weld County Probate Court Records

Probate Court records refer to all documents and briefs received or generated during the administration of estates and other legal matters regarding the deceased. The District Courts in Weld County have jurisdiction over all probate matters and preside over guardianship and conservatorship, administration of estates, name changes, trusts, and wills. Although Probate Court records are public, not all are available for public view. For instance, guardianship and conservatorship proceedings involving minors or juvenile court records are restricted from public view.

Persons seeking Weld County Probate Court records may fill out the Probate Record Request Form. The record seeker must have the individual, business, or case number of the record. The form costs $0.25 per page and an additional $1.00 per certified document. Where the case number is unknown, the record custodian charges an additional $5 fee. There is also a $20 fee if redaction is required. Record seekers may request probate records in person or by mail.

Weld County Combined Courts
915 10th Street
P.O. Box 2038
Greeley, CO 80632-0138

Weld County Property Records

Property records are government documents that contain information on real estate properties. Tincludetain details such as ownership, assessments, sales history, legal description, mortgages, liens, and tax information.

Weld County property records are open for public viewing and copying. The Weld County Property Portal provides information on all properties within the county. Record seekers can search the portal with the property's account number, address, name, parcel number, or legal description.

Weld County Court Records Online

Weld County Court Records are available online through multiple official resources such as the Colorado Court Records Search tool and the Online Record Request portal provided by the Colorado Judicial Branch. However, persons interested in Weld County Court records may sometimes use third-party sources like to access and order court records online. Third-party online sources improve the efficiency of access to the records as they help save time and effort to access these records and improve accessibility. However, these platforms operate independently of any government agency. As such, the record results and availability cannot be guaranteed.

Weld County Courts

The Weld County trial court system comprises a District and County Court. In addition, there are 24 Municipal Courts across the county. The courthouse directory is as follows:

District Court in Weld County

Weld County Courthouse
901 9th Avenue, P.O. Box 2038
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 475-2400

County Court in Weld County

Weld County Courthouse
901 9th Avenue, P.O. Box 2038
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 475-2400

Municipal Courts in Weld County

Ault Municipal Court
201 1st Street, P.O. Box 1908
Ault, CO 80610
Phone: (970) 834-2844
Fax: (970) 834-2199


Dacono Municipal Court
512 Cherry Street
Dacono, CO 80514
Phone: (303) 833-3095 ext. 140


Eaton Municipal Court
223 1st Street
Eaton, CO 80615
Phone: (970) 454-2212
Fax: (970) 454-3339


Erie Municipal Court
1000 Telleen Avenue, P.O. Box 510
Erie, CO 80516
Phone: (303) 926-2851
Fax: (303) 926-2855


Evans Municipal Court
Evans Community Complex
1100 37th Street
Evans, CO 80620
Phone: (970) 475-1170


Firestone Municipal Court
151 Grant Avenue, P.O. Box 100
Firestone, CO 80520
Phone: (303) 833-0811
Fax: (303) 531-6271


Fort Lupton Municipal Court
130 South McKinley Avenue
Fort Lupton, CO 80621
Phone: (720) 466-6105
Fax: (303) 857-2314


Frederick Municipal Court
333 5th Street, P.O. Box 435
Frederick, CO 80530
Phone: (720) 382-5530
Fax: (720) 832-5540


Garden City Municipal Court
621 27th Street Road
Garden City, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 351-0041


Gilcrest Municipal Court
304 8th Street
Gilcrest, CO 80623
Phone: (970) 737-2426


Greeley Municipal Court
1122 11th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 350-9230
Fax: (970) 350-9231


Hudson Municipal Court
50 South Beech Street, P.O. Box 351
Hudson, CO 80642
Phone: (303) 536-9311
Fax: (303) 536-4753


Johnstown Municipal Court
450 South Parish Avenue
Johnstown, CO 80534
Phone: (970) 587-4664
Fax: (970) 587-0141


Keenesburg Municipal Court
140 South Main Street, P.O. Box 312
Keenesburg, CO 80643
Phone: (303) 732-4281
Fax: (303) 732-0599


Kersey Municipal Court
Kersey Town Hall
332 3rd Street, PO 657
Kersey, CO 80644
Phone: (970) 353-1681


La Salle Municipal Court
128 North 2nd Street
La Salle, CO 80645
Phone: (970) 284-5541
Fax: (970) 284-6843


Lochbuie Municipal Court
703 Weld County Road 37
Lochbuie, CO 80603
Phone: (303) 659-1395
Fax: (303) 655-1755


Mead Municipal Court
441 3rd Street, P.O. Box 626
Mead, CO 80542
Phone: (303) 817-0720
Fax: (970) 535-0831


Milliken Municipal Court
1201 Broad Street
Milliken, CO 80543
Phone: (970) 660-5015


Nunn Municipal Court
185 Lincoln Avenue, P.O. Box 171
Nunn, CO 80648
Phone: (970) 897-2385


Platteville Municipal Court
400 Grand Avenue
Platteville, CO 80651
Phone: (970) 785-2245
Fax: (970) 785-2476


Severance Municipal Court
3 South Timber Ridge Parkway, P.O. Box 339
Severance, CO 80546
Phone: (970) 686-1218
Fax: (970) 686-6250


Windsor Municipal Court
301 Walnut Street
Windsor, CO 80550
Phone: (970) 674-2421
Fax: (970) 674-2456


Yuma Municipal Court
910 South Main Street
Yuma, CO 80759
Phone: (970) 848-3878
Fax: 970-848-510

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